In July 2024, Eugene Ughetti Takes the Baton: A New Era of Artistic Direction for Canberra International Music Festival
September 15, 2023

In July 2024, Eugene Ughetti will assume the role of Artistic Director for the Canberra International Music Festival, succeeding Roland Peel, who held the position for nine years. Ughetti, a composer, percussionist, and conductor, has a strong focus on contemporary chamber music and interdisciplinary arts. He currently serves as the Artistic Director of Speak Percussion, an Australian ensemble known for its innovative approach to new music.

As a solo artist, Ughetti has performed with the Melbourne Symphony, the Victorian College of the Arts Orchestras, and the Australian Ballet. He has received recognition as an ABC Young Composer and an ABC Young Artist. In 2011, Ughetti was awarded the Freedman Classical Fellowship, and in 2012, he became the first recipient of the Sydney Myer Creative Fellowship.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Ughetti stated, "I am excited to embark on this incredible journey. The CIMF is renowned as one of Australia's premier art music festivals, set amidst world-class institutions, remarkable architecture, and stunning locations. It has a rich history of excellence and innovation, serving as a catalyst for numerous new Australian compositions. All of this occurs within the dynamic backdrop of a progressive and intellectually stimulating city."

He added, "Curating projects and fostering collaborations among the best local, national, and international musicians is a tremendous privilege. I eagerly anticipate fully engaging in the myriad possibilities, exploring avenues for collaboration, and nurturing the creative potential that CIMF offers."

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