September 26, 2023

Opera World's TOP Singers

  1. Every day in the opera world there are many performances and concerts in which hundreds of wonderful singers take part.
    Our Rating "OPERA WORLD TOP SINGERS" (hereinafter referred to as the Rating) was created in order to identify the most sought-after opera soloists of the moment and to present this information to the public.
  2.  The Ranking presents performances in five Nominations:
    - Soprano
    OPERA WORLD TOP SINGERS" are determined for each Nomination.
  3.  Each week the singers' performances in (10 -25?) opera theatres, opera festivals and concert halls on different continents are summed up (counted). For the first placement in the Ranking, a singer has to perform in 1 (minimum 2(3)?) performances in one of the 10 (15-20 ?) (leading) opera theatres of the world (List of theatres is attached). Data on performances are taken from public sources of information.
  4.  For each performance of a soloist in an opera performance of Theatres 1 (the list is attached) there are 100 points, for other theatres and festivals X points, for each solo concert performance (from X to 100) points and for participation in a concert together with other performers (from X to 100) points. Based on the performance results for the week ( Sunday to Saturday), the points are totalled.
  5.  During 52 weeks the points for each week are summed up and determine the singer's position in the Rating. When calculating the points for each week following the 52nd week, only the data of the last 52 weeks are taken into account, and all previous weeks are not taken into account (e.g. after the 53rd week, the data from the 2nd to the 53rd week are totalled, and the data of the 1st week are not taken into account).
  6.  If according to the results of any week several singers have the same number of points, the singer who had more points for the previous week is placed higher in the Rating. If singers have the same number of points for the previous week, they are placed in alphabetical order.
  7.  The Rating results are the exclusive property of the "OPERA WORLD" website. When using and publishing the Rating results, a link to the "OPERA WORLD" website is obligatory.
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