The Opera People to Present the Singapore Premiere of Britten’s ‘The Rape of Lucretia’

By Chris Ruel
The Opera People will present the Singapore premiere of Benjamin Britten’s “The Rape of Lucretia” on Oct. 14 and 16, 2022, at The Ngee Ann Kongsi Theater at Wild Rice, Funan.

In this story about ancient Rome, the tyrant Tarquinius has camped with his army outside the city. After conversing with Junius and Collatinus about the fickleness of women, Tarquinius is provoked to conquer what has remained out of his grasp: Lucretia, a woman of the highest virtue and wife of Collatinus. As Lucretia awaits her husband’s return, Tarquinius races to her home and deviously asks for a bed for the night, which he is granted. Tragedy follows when he attacks Lucretia during the night, an act that shames her to the point of suicide, though Collatinus loves her no less than before.

Mezzo-soprano Eugenia Forteza stars in the title role of this powerful story directed by Stefanos Rassios. Sharing the stage is a cast comprising Singapore’s star singers and international vocalists, including Teng Xiang Ting as Female Chorus, David Charles Tay as Male Chorus, Cindy Honanta as Bianca, Renata Hann Sungwon as Lucia, Igor Mostovoi as Tarquinius, Martin Ng as Junius, and David Tao Chen Ming as Collatinus. Conductor Lien Boon Hua will lead Wayfarer Sinfonietta in Britten’s exploration of power, gender, and morality.

Audience members must provide proof of vaccination and be at least 13 years old for admittance.

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