Dmitri Klebanov

1907-1987, Ukraine

Ukrainian composer. Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1967).


In 1926, he graduated from the Kharkiv Music and Drama Institute (class of Semen Bohatyrev).

In 1927-28, he was a violist in the orchestra of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater, a participant in the USSR premiere of Berg's opera Wozzeck.

Since 1934, he was a lecturer at the Kharkiv Conservatory-Institute of Arts (from 1940 - associate professor, from 1960 - professor), in 1970-1973 - head of the Department of Composition and Instrumentation, from 1973 - consulting professor.

The composer died on June 6, 1987 in Kharkiv, shortly before his 80th birthday.

Among his students: Borys Buyevsky, Ilya Polsky, Ninel Yuhnovska, Valentyn Bibik, Vitaliy Hubarenko, Volodymyr Zolotukhin, Borys Yarovynsky, and Mykhailo Imkhanitsky.

"The Communist (Vasyl Hubanov, 1967),
"Red Cossacks" ("Red Cossacks", 1972),
"Mayivka (1981).
"The Stork" (1937),
"Svitlana" (1939).
9 symphonies.
Concertos for violin, cello, flute, harp.
Suites for symphony and chamber orchestras.
Vocal cycles to poems by Taras Shevchenko, Alexander Pushkin, and Heinrich Heine.
Music for films:
"The Mountain Flower (1937)
"May Night (1941)
"The Battle for Our Soviet Ukraine" (1943, in co-authorship)
"The Feat of the Scout" (1947, in co-authorship)
"Main Avenue" (1955)
"My Daughter", "Love at Dawn" (1957)
"Flags on the Towers (1958)
"When Youth Begins" (1959, in co-authorship)
"The Plane Departs at 9" (1960)
"The Secret of Dima Karmiy (1961)
"The Heart of Bonivour" (1970, co-directed)
popular science films:
"Academician Ivanov (1956), We Are Going to the Crimea (1957), In the Eastern Crimea (1958), and TV films: "Bullfighters from Vasyukivka" (1966).

Scientific works

"The Art of Instrumentation" (1972).
"Aesthetic Foundations of Instrumentation" (1972).

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