Strings of Unity: A Musical Tapestry by Texas A&M's Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras in the Grand Season Finale
November 27, 2023

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Taking place in College Station, Texas, on November 25, 2023, the final concert of the Fall 2023 semester for the University Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras is scheduled for Sunday, December 3. The event will be conducted by Dr. James Van Zandt, the newly appointed Texas A&M Director of Orchestras.

Dan Selle, the concertmaster of the Philharmonic orchestra for the fall semester of 2023-24, highlights the unique and welcoming atmosphere of the orchestras at Texas A&M, setting them apart from other universities.

The concert is set to occur at Rudder Theatre starting at 5:30 PM, with a typical duration of 1-2 hours, including the time required to transition the stage from the Philharmonic to the Chamber orchestra.

Admission is free for Texas A&M students who show their student ID at the MSC Box Office, while non-student general admission is $5.00. Tickets can be obtained in advance or on the day of the concert at the MSC Box Office in Rudder Tower and online at the MSC Box Office website. The performance will also be live-streamed at

The University Orchestras of Texas A&M comprise students from various majors who share a passion for music. The Philharmonic and Chamber orchestras provide students with an opportunity to pursue their musical interests alongside their academic and other commitments.

Dan Selle, a biochemistry major and the concertmaster, has been an avid violinist in the university orchestra since his freshman year. His involvement has not only allowed him to maintain and enhance his musical skills but has also provided a sense of community.

Despite the absence of a music major at A&M, the orchestras boast a diverse membership, including students majoring in STEM, Pre-Med, Liberal Arts, and more. The shared passion for music creates a warm and inclusive environment within the orchestra, as expressed by Dan.

Selle reflects on his five semesters in the orchestra, emphasizing the meaningful connections he has built with fellow students who share a love for creating beautiful music. He looks forward to the orchestra rehearsals as they provide him with the opportunity to connect with friends, unwind, and participate in creating exceptional musical experiences.

Experience the enchanting instrumentals and performances of Texas A&M University's Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras on the evening of December 3rd.

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