Sanghoon Lee Takes the Helm: New Owner and Director of the Violin Making School of America Embarks on a Melodious Journey
November 23, 2023

Sanghoon Lee has been appointed as the new owner and director of the Violin Making School of America (VMSA), taking over the roles of owner, director, and head instructor. He succeeds Charles Woolf, who has led VMSA since 1991 and is now retiring.

Sanghoon Lee, a graduate of VMSA in 2004, has a background in restoration gained from working at the Peter Prier violin shop. His achievements include receiving the Silver Medal for Violin Tone at the 2010 Violin Society of America competition.

Established by Peter Paul Prier in 1972 and located in Salt Lake City, Utah, VMSA has seen 168 luthiers graduate from its program, including notable violinmakers like Jeff Phillips, the gold medalist of the 2014 Violin Society of America Competition.

The school expressed excitement for this new chapter in its history and congratulated Sanghoon Lee on his appointments. In a small ceremony, Charles Woolf handed over a symbolic VMSA apron to Sanghoon, symbolizing the transfer of knowledge and successes accumulated during Woolf's tenure as owner and head instructor.

The school also extended congratulations to Charles Woolf on his retirement and acknowledged his significant contributions to the world of violin making.

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