Lotte de Beer Extends Leadership at Volksoper Wien Until 2032: A Vision for Artistic Innovation and Cultural Dialogue
June 29, 2024

Lotte de Beer will continue as Director of the Volksoper Wien for an additional five years, until 2032, following the extension of her contract. This announcement was made by Andrea Mayer, State Secretary for Art and Culture. De Beer's second term will commence from the 2027-28 season onward. Andrea Mayer praised De Beer for revitalizing the Volksoper, not only through physical renovations but also with a diverse and artistically impressive program. She emphasized De Beer's commitment to expanding the audience and maintaining high artistic standards.

De Beer expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to further develop the Volksoper Wien, a venue she considers unique in the global theater scene. She highlighted her goal of bridging artistic traditions with innovation, catering to varied audience perspectives, and fostering a dynamic cultural dialogue.

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