Leadership Continuity at Bayerische Staatsoper: Jurowski and Dorny Extend Tenure Amid Vision for Artistic Innovation
June 18, 2024

The Bayerische Staatsoper has announced that both its Intendant and Generalmusikdirektor will continue their roles for several more years. Vladimir Jurowski, the Generalmusikdirektor, will extend his contract until 2028, with a possible extension for an additional year. Serge Dorny, the Intendant, will also renew his contract, now extended until 2031.

In his statement, Dorny expressed gratitude to Minister of State Blume for his trust and emphasized their shared vision for the future of the Bavarian State Opera. He looks forward to continuing and evolving the artistic direction of recent years for another five years beyond 2026. Together with Vladimir Jurowski and Ballet Director Laurent Hilaire, he aims to propel the Bavarian State Opera towards becoming a forward-looking institution that balances tradition with innovation, citing initiatives like the “Ja, Mai” festival as examples.

Jurowski highlighted his enthusiasm for continuing to collaborate with the renowned Bavarian State Orchestra, emphasizing the importance of honoring tradition while engaging with contemporary themes to ensure a vibrant future for the orchestra. As Generalmusikdirektor, he also looks forward to working closely with all musical groups within the opera house to deliver exceptional productions at the National Theater and other venues.

Additionally, the company confirmed the renewal of Ballet director Laurent Hilaire’s contract.

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