Grégor Chapelle Takes the Baton at The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel
April 1, 2024

The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (MuCH) is a foundation and educational hub dedicated to nurturing exceptional young musicians in various disciplines such as piano, violin, cello, chamber music, and voice.

Grégor Chapelle, who holds degrees in law and public policy, will assume the role of CEO of the Music Chapel on April 29, 2024, succeeding Bernard de Launoit, who served in the position for nearly two decades, contributing significantly to the organization's global recognition.

Chapelle brings with him a wealth of leadership experience from his previous roles, including CEO of Actiris and CEO of the non-profit Kick Belgium. He has also worked in law, consulting, and public service.

With Chapelle's leadership, the Music Chapel aims to continue providing an excellent environment for its young artists, leveraging his expertise across various sectors.

The board of MuCH expressed enthusiasm about Chapelle's appointment, highlighting his energy, ability to inspire, and strategic outlook, ensuring the institution's continued growth and excellence.

Chapelle himself is eager to build upon the legacy of Bernard de Launoit, emphasizing his commitment to promoting beauty, teamwork, and peace through music, viewing it as a universal language of hope and inclusion.

The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel boasts a diverse network of young artists from over 25 nationalities, along with resident masters and a rich calendar of public concerts both in Belgium and internationally.

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