ABAO Bilbao Opera and Kutxabank Forge Strategic Alliance to Promote Cultural Sustainability and Social Engagement
July 1, 2024

Juan Carlos Matellanes, president of ABAO Bilbao Opera, and Anton Arriola, president of Kutxabank, have signed a partnership agreement to enhance their collaboration. Kutxabank is now part of the group of sponsors supporting ABAO Bilbao Opera, aiming to foster cultural initiatives with a focus on sustainability, solidarity, excellence, and social engagement.

Over 50 companies contribute to ABAO Bilbao Opera in various capacities. The addition of Kutxabank, along with ongoing support from existing sponsors and public institutions, accounts for nearly 26 percent of the opera company’s budget.

Matellanes emphasized the significance of this agreement in a press statement, highlighting ABAO Bilbao Opera's commitment to partnering with leading companies and institutions to promote cultural outreach and broaden access to opera across society. He expressed satisfaction in welcoming Kutxabank's support and anticipated mutual enrichment from the collaboration.

Arriola echoed these sentiments, noting that the agreement strengthens Kutxabank's ties with a longstanding cultural institution in their community. He emphasized Kutxabank's corporate values of supporting cultural, educational, and social initiatives in the regions where the bank operates.

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