A Cultural Shooting Star: Sebastian Nordmann's Remarkable Journey from Konzerthaus Director to Lucerne Festival Maestro
May 26, 2023

When he became director of the Konzerthaus in two thousand-ninth, nobody would've thought that he'd stay at Gendarmenmarkt for so long: Sebastian Nordmann was considered a shooting star among German cultural managers. In two thousand-second, at the age of just thirty-one, he became director of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival and quickly achieved considerable success show. So that was the beginning of a steep career.

A shooting star as a cultural manager

But Sebastian Nordmann obviously liked the Berlin challenge: namely to give the concert hall, which has been chronically overshadowed by the well-known Philharmonie, an unmistakable profile through innovative ideas. As a temple to the ms, which shines on the exterior in the elegant classicism of a Karl Friedrich Schinkel and on the interior is reminiscent of a creation by Gianni Versace, as entertainer Thomas Gottschalk once keep it, but classicism is thought of today. Nordmann experimented with unconventional concert formats, offered the audience virtual reality glasses and encouraged the musicians of the Konzerthausorchester to their own Twitch channel.

News the twelve districts of Berlin Here you'll discover the Tagesspiegel page for your Berlin district Now, however, he's been made an proposal that he couldn't ref: in January two thousand twenty-six he'll get over the highly posh Swiss Lucerne Festival. The best orchestras in the world traditionally carry out in the great culture and congress middle on Lake Lucerne, designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. Sebastian Nordmann will stay director at Gendarmenmarkt until the summer of two thousand twenty-five. autumn he'll have a new sparring partner: Joana Mallwitz will then become chief conductor of the Konzerthausorchester, the first woman in this top position in Berlin. Fredrik Hanssen

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