Mezzo-Soprano Kristen Starkey Begins Heavy Metal Career

By Francisco Salazar
Opera singer Kristin Starkey has begun a career as a heavy metal singer.

The Swedish-based singer is developing a cult following as a heavy metal singer and in the last year and a half, she has released a series of stunning cover versions of heavy metal tracks on YouTube.

Starkey has been a heavy metal fan since she was 11 but had not previously sung in the genre. However, since moving to Sweden during the first year of the pandemic, she found herself with more time on her hands than normal and decided to try her hand at collaborating with a string of well-known power metal bands and musicians using the internet and recording at home.

In a press release, Starkey said, “I find it frustrating when these two dynamic and versatile genres are met with reserve and hesitation from fans on either side. One of the greatest ambitions of my career is to legitimately blend the opera and metal worlds in a way that is accessible for all.”

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