Matilda Sterby Headlines Swedish Opera ‘Tintomara’

By Francisco Salazar
The rarely performed opera “Tintomara” by Swedish composer Lars Johan Werle is set to be performed July 9, 2022 at Läckö Castle in Sweden.

The opera is based on the event surrounding the murder of King Gustaf III at a masked ball in 1792 and a mysterious young woman, Azouras Lazuli Tintomara La Tournerose.

The opera is set to star Swedish soprano Matilda Sterby and mezzo-soprano Elisabeth Leyser as the sisters Amanda and Adolfine as well as Sidsel Eriksen in the title role of Tintomara. Mattias Ermedahl directs and conducted by Simon Kim Phipps.

When Sterby spoke to OperaWire she said, “It’s contemporary. When you first hear it, you might think it’s very random but then you get to hear it and you find that it is very well written, and it’s both harder and easier to sing in Swedish because you become very thorough in the way of pronouncing words. If I sing in Italian or German, then I would adjust the vowels to make the vowels sound better. In Swedish, I know that it is not as easy to adjust because unconsciously I try to make it sound the right way. The vowels are very clear like German and even Italian. You want to make it perfectly right because you can and you know what it is supposed to sound like. As a result, it makes you eager to make it right. This production will be outdoor for a local audience so there will be no subtitles. So you want to make sure that everyone knows what you are singing especially since it is contemporary opera.”

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