Konzert und Theater St. Gallen to Present ‘The Ring in One Evening’ with Interludes by German Humorist Loriot

By Chris Ruel
Konzert und Theater St. Gallen is set to present “The Ring in One Evening,” at Tonhalle St. Gallen from Jan. 12 -15, 2023.

The abridged concert version of Wagner’s epic includes interludes by German humorist, cartoonist, film director, and actor Loriot.

Loriot cut the 14-and-one-half-hour saga into a digestible concert featuring highlights from each opera. At the concert’s premiere in 1992, Loriot narrated, humorously reporting on the Rhine Daughters guarding the gold, Siegfried’s battle with the dragon, Wotan’s woes, and more.

Konzert und Theater St. Gallen’s presentation features Bruno Riedl as the narrator and a vocalist lineup comprising soprano Alexandra Petersamer as Brünnhilde and tenor Roy Cornelius Smith as Siegfried, along with Christopher Sokolowski (Siegmund), David Maze (Alberich and Gunther), Kristján Jóhannesson (Wotan and Hagen), Libby Sokolowski (Sieglinde), Riccardo Botta (Loge and Mime), Fiqerete Ymeraj (Woglinde), Candy Grace Ho (Wellgunde) and Christina Blaschke (Flosshilde) from the music theatre ensemble.

St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra’s principal conductor, Modestas Pitrenas, conducts.

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