How to Watch Jonas Kaufmann’s New Year’s Concert

By Francisco Salazar
The Berlin Philharmonic is set to celebrate the New Year with a gala concert featuring Jonas Kaufmann.

The gala will be performed three times from Dec. 29 through 31 and will be televised, broadcast on radio, and in cinemas.

The concert will be broadcast on the Berlin Philharmonic’s Live in the Digital Concert Hall platform and will receive a free 7-day ticket to try out. It will also be in cinemas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Arte will also broadcast the concert on TV in a time-delayed broadcast. Finally, for those who want to listen on the radio, the radio station rbb Kultur will broadcast the concert live from 17:30.

Kaufmann will be joined by Kirill Petrenko in a concert that includes music by Mascagni, Verdi, Zandonai, Giordano, Prokofiev, Nino Rota, and Tchaikovsky.

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