Ars Lyrica Houston to Release ‘Maria’s Magical Music Adventure’

By Francisco Salazar
Ars Lyrica Houston’s children’s book, “Maria’s Magical Music Adventure / La mágica aventura musical de María” is set to be released for Hispanic Heritage month.

“Maria’s Magical Music Adventure” is a one-of-a-kind story written by composer Emma Kent Wine that tells the story of a girl named Maria who time travels 300 years back with Matthew the musical magician to meet the Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi.

The book was presented with a live concert and readings in both Spanish and English.

Author Emma Kent Wine is a nationally-recognized composer who took inspiration for the children’s book from her love of fantasy and baroque music, explaining that “Maria’s Magical Music Adventure was written to inspire and remind kids that their imaginations are a powerful tool for learning and connecting with history.”

Ars Lyrica Houston was founded in 1998 by harpsichordist and conductor Matthew Dirst. The company presents a diverse array of music in its original context while creating connections to contemporary life.

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