ALL ARTS to World Premiere New Experiments in Opera Miniseries ‘Everything for Dawn’

By Logan Martell
October 7, 2022, ALL ARTS will present the world premiere of “Everything For Dawn,” a 10-episode miniseries created by Experiments in Opera.

The series features original music from 10 composers and librettos from a six-person writers’ room to tell the story of a young girl’s personal journey after her father, an outsider artist, commits suicide. Directed by Alison Moritz, the series stars soprano Britt Hewitt as Dawn Logan, and Grammy-nominated artist Aaron Engebreth as Mac Logan.

Each episode was written by a different pairing of composer and librettist to allow for multiple voices and styles, with the full work being workshopped and rehearsed over a three-year period and recorded on a soundstage in the fall of ’21.

“When we set out to create ‘Everything for Dawn’ in 2018, we couldn’t have imagined the vigorous journey of collaboration and experimentation ahead of us,” said Experiments in Opera co-founder Aaron Siegel. “At a time when so much new opera is based on existing stories or figures, ‘Everything for Dawn’ is a story of intrigue and drama that could only have emerged from the unique group of artists who created it.”

“Everything for Dawn” will be available to stream for free until November 4 from the ALL ARTS app and their website.

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