Plácido Domingo Breaks His Silence Regarding Escuela de Yoga Sect

By Francisco Salazar
(Courtesy of Musco Center)
Plácido Domingo has broken his silence regarding audiotapes that were captured by law enforcement during a raid to dismantle a criminal sect.

The audiotapes featured the voice of Domingo allegedly making a deal with one of the leaders of the organization. In response, the singer told Ventanenando, “You have seen that everything has proven that there is nothing. What I feel is that it was a group… of friends, that I considered musicians. On one occasion, I invited them to work, and unfortunately, it has not been like that. But well, I have nothing to do with that.”

He added, “it’s very sad when you think you have friends for many years and you realize that they used you.”

Domingo did not deny that it was his voice on the audiotapes.

Over the week law enforcement officers carried out dozens of raids in Buenos Aires targeting the Escuela de Yoga Buenos Aires, which “built a cult around its leader” and reduced members to “a situation of slavery and/or sexual exploitation.” Argentine Commissioner Ricardo Juri made it clear that Domingo is not being investigated because he is not part of the criminal sect. Juri said, “what is interpreted in the investigation is that they wanted to capture him through music, they knew that there was going to be a recital in April and, as a result, they did some errands to contact him. He communicated with Mendy, whom he had known for many years and they have met a couple of times.”

Domingo recently performed in Mexico and is currently in rehearsals for a gala concert at the Arena di Verona.

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