Nicholas Phan Headlines World Premiere of Beecher & Campbell’s ‘A Year to the Day’

By David Salazar
The Violin Channel is set to present “A Year to the Day” on Oct. 7, 2022 at 7 p.m.

The dramatic song cycle by composer Lembit Beecher with lyrics by librettist Mark Campbell, which explores the life of an artist during the pandemic, will feature performances by tenor Nicholas Phan, violinist Augustin Hadeluch, pianist Orion Weiss, and cellist Karen Ouzounian.

“I created the text of ‘A Year to the Day’ to honor musicians and the challenges they face in their professions, duels that became even more evident during the pandemic,” Campbell said in an official press statement. He added that he was inspired by this theme after watching his colleagues struggle during the darkest days of the epidemic.

“’A Year to the Day’ is ultimately an account of artistic survival and renewal during the bizarre and terrifying time of the pandemic lockdown,” added Phan. “Having the chance to collaborate with both Mark and Lembit for the first time as well as reunite with dear friends and colleagues Karen, Augustin, and Orion was a dream come true after the nightmare of the forced isolation of the pandemic.”

The performance can be streamed directly on Violin Channel’s official website.

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