Sonya Yoncheva's 'GEORGE': A Musical Tribute to George Sand's Timeless Legacy
Травень 23, 2024

Sonya Yoncheva has revealed details about her upcoming album titled "GEORGE," which pays homage to George Sand. Scheduled for a September release under her own label SY11, the album explores the life and influence of the renowned figure. Yoncheva expressed her admiration for Sand's zest for life and profound passion for the arts, promising a musical journey featuring compositions by Chopin, Viardot, Liszt, and texts by de Musset.

Transporting listeners to the captivating world of George Sand's salon, Yoncheva envisions a gathering where these historical figures converge in song and play. Collaborating with pianist Olga Zado, Marina Viotti, and Adam Taubitz, this album marks the soprano's second endeavor under the SY11 label, following the success of "The Courtesan."

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