Mezzo-Soprano Raehann Bryce-Davis Unveils Debut Single 'I Praise the Dance' from Genre-Bending Album 'Evolution
Травень 26, 2024

Mezzo-soprano and producer Raehann Bryce-Davis has released the initial track from her upcoming debut album, "Evolution," which promises to blend genres in innovative ways.

The debut single, "I Praise the Dance," crafted by composer Rene Orth, incorporates electronic elements similar to those in Bryce-Davis's recent opera work, resulting in a contemporary and dynamic sound. Orth's exuberant dance anthem, enriched by Raehann's vocal embellishments, is brought to life with production by hip hop/rap artist Ocean Kelly.

Bryce-Davis takes on multiple roles in the accompanying music video for "I Praise the Dance," serving as executive producer, director, casting director, and screenwriter. In her directorial premiere, the video follows the narrative of a young individual (portrayed by actor Cristina Pitter) navigating through the labyrinth of depression, embodied by contemporary dancer Zachary Downer. Eventually, the Spirit of the Dance (RBD herself) intervenes, guiding the protagonist toward rediscovering joy, depicted by contemporary dancer Rachel Harris.

"Evolution" is financially supported by the Living Heritage Foundation, with a significant portion of its funding sourced through crowdfunding efforts.

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