Harmony in the Sky: Michael Schachter Leads 100-Voice Choir Beneath 'Baby You' at Milwaukee's Make Music Day
Червень 17, 2024

Michael Schachter will conduct a 100-member choir on “Make Music Day,” featuring the Przekrój Foundation’s floating artwork, “Baby You,” hovering above Milwaukee’s Veterans Park.

The 112-foot-long balloon shaped like a baby will soar over the city while more than 100 singers perform the world premiere of Schachter’s new a cappella choral composition commissioned by Przekrój. His composition, described as “primordial,” captures the array of sounds infants produce, from heartbeats and breathing to cooing and crying, interwoven with the melodies of a parent’s lullaby.

Schachter expressed in a press release, “The baby symbolizes not just the potential hopes and dreams, but also our common humanity. Despite our differences, we all originate in the womb and progress from infancy to adulthood. Celebrating our fundamental similarities is deeply profound.”

This choral event coincides with the U.S. debut of the historic Polish magazine, “Przekrój.”

“‘Baby You’ was conceived as a powerful metaphor to mark the resurgence of Przekrój and its envisioned role in today’s world—to remind us that amid changing politics and culture, nurturing the mind, body, and spirit remains essential,” stated Maria Kozak, Przekrój’s Editor-at-Large.

Additionally, the festivities include an exhibit of 11 iconic magazine covers, a screening of a documentary chronicling the creation of “Baby You,” and a lounge area where attendees can unwind while perusing highlights from the publication.

All activities are scheduled for June 21, starting at 7 p.m.

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