Yuriy Yurchuk & Anush Hovhannisyan Lead Benefit Concert ‘Opera For Ukraine’

By Afton Wooten
Two of the Royal Opera House’s principal artists Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk and Armenian soprano Anush Hovhannisyan will lead “Opera For Ukraine.”

The program will include well-known arias and crowd favorites. Singers will be joined at the piano by Ed Battling. More information on the full program and musicians is to be announced.

All net income created from this concert will be donated to the Ukrainian Institute London, “which champions Ukrainian culture, going beyond the headlines to shape the conversation about Ukraine. Since the launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Institute has been working tirelessly to give Ukraine a reliable voice in UK and world media, to respond to a constant stream of enquiries and to maintain our events programme, educational courses, cultural initiatives and support for displaced Ukrainians. The Ukrainian Institute London is an independent charity, and relies on donations to keep up their work.” Tickets are priced at £25.

The concert takes place at Omnibus Theatre in London on Oct. 16 beginning at 7 pm.

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