Resonating Success: 'Parsifal' Triumphs at Switzerland's Goetheanum with Stellar Cast and Creative Vision
Червень 9, 2024

Switzerland's Goetheanum is gearing up for three additional showcases of Wagner's "Parsifal" following its triumphant debut. The upcoming performances, slated for April 13, 18, and 20, 2025, are a collaboration between Pamy Mediaproductions and the Goetheanum Stage.

The brainchild of Alexander von Glenck, the idea to bring Richard Wagner's "Parsifal" to the Goetheanum gained momentum when Jasmin Solfaghari signed on to helm the project. Solfaghari curated a seasoned team, enlisting Walter Schütze for stage design and costumes, Roland Fister as musical director, and Andreas Klippert to lead the choir. Notably, tenor Klaus Florian Vogt joined the endeavor, adding further star power.

The production's premiere was met with resounding success, with tickets selling out within hours. Talks are ongoing between Pamy and the Goetheanum regarding the production's future beyond 2025.

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