YCAT: Empowering Rising Stars in Classical Music for Global Success
June 6, 2023

The Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) is an organization based in the UK that provides support to musicians as they transition from studying music to pursuing full-time careers. They have formed a partnership with Concert Artists Guild in New York, which allows their artists to have significant performance opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The talented musicians who have been chosen to be part of the YCAT roster are rising stars in the classical music scene. They include Ignas Maknickas on piano, Charlotte Spruit on violin, Will Duerden on double bass, Trio Chagall as a piano trio, Hana Chang as a violinist and VC Artist, and the Atenea Quartet as a string quartet. These extraordinary musicians not only have numerous performance opportunities in the UK and internationally, but they will also have the privilege of making their debut performances at the most prestigious venues worldwide.

In addition to performance opportunities, YCAT provides professional publicity materials and digital support to enhance the online presence of their artists. This ensures that their exceptional talents receive maximum exposure and helps solidify their path towards becoming full-time performing musicians.

The jury responsible for selecting the artists for YCAT includes Angela Dixon, the Chief Executive of Saffron Hall; Stephen McHolm, the Director of the Verbier Academy; Roger Wright, the Chief Executive of Britten Pears Arts; Tanya Bannister, the President of Concert Artists Guild in New York; and Rachel van-Walsum, the Director and co-founder of Maestro Arts. Alongside Alasdair Tait, the Chief Executive and Artistic Director of YCAT, they play a crucial role in the selection process.

"At a time when opportunities for our most creative and inspiring young talent are becoming increasingly scarce, YCAT's mission to provide these essential career-building opportunities feels more important than ever," said Alasdair Tait, the Chief Executive and Artistic Director of YCAT. "I am thrilled and excited to welcome these new artists to the YCAT family and cannot wait to embark on this journey together."

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