Introducing Harmony Down Under: Australian Music Centre Launches Groundbreaking Audio Library for Past and Contemporary Works

The Australian Music Centre has announced the commencement of a new project involving the development of an audio library. This collaborative effort involves the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and ABC Classic, with the aim of providing access to a wide range of Australian composers' past and contemporary works across various genres, including traditional scores, electronic and sound art, and improvised music. The CEO of the Australian Music Centre, Catherine Haridy, considers this library to be an essential tool in enabling the appreciation, study, and comprehension of Australian music. It will be accessible on-demand to AMC members and will also include accompanying materials for the hosted works.

The creation of this comprehensive digital archive is part of the Australian Music Centre's current efforts. The library seeks to establish broader domestic and international access points to Australian music, encompassing diverse genres and mediums. It is positioned as a valuable resource for music educators, students, researchers, and musicians throughout the country. Sophie Galaise, the Managing Director of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, underlines the library's significance for music organizations in commissioning new works and preserving them beyond live performances.

The library is scheduled to be launched alongside the Australian Music Centre's new website in late 2023. Catherine Haridy emphasizes that this initiative is a significant step towards modernizing their music collection through digital capabilities. It also provides an opportunity for contemporary Australian creators to have their work heard and appreciated. Kat McGuffie, the Content Manager of ABC Classic and ABC Jazz, echoes Haridy's sentiment, expressing ABC Classic's dedication to nurturing the Australian classical music scene and sharing performances with audiences both locally and globally. This collaborative project reflects the inclusive spirit of the Australian art music community, uniting composers, performers, broadcasters, and audiences in a collective celebration of classical music.

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