Crystal Lagoons and Azizi Developments Unveil Plans for Spectacular Floating Opera House in Azizi Venice Development
June 13, 2024

Crystal Lagoons and Azizi Developments, backers of the Dubai-based Azizi Venice endeavor, have revealed their intentions to erect a floating opera venue within the development's confines. Spanning 366 acres, Azizi Venice positions opulent residences encircling a fabricated lagoon, and the proposed opera house will grace the waterside.

This aquatic theater will feature a resplendent floating platform adorned in gold, encircled by fountains seamlessly integrated into the Crystal Venice lagoon. With a seating capacity of 2,000, the venue will showcase opera renditions alongside ballet, concerts, musicals, and comedy acts. Furthermore, it will be available for private functions and gatherings.

The opera house stands as merely one facet of the extensive amenities offered within the Azizi Venice precinct. Encompassing swimming pools, playgrounds, a deluxe hotel, medical facilities, educational institutions, fitness centers, spas, dining venues, retail outlets, as well as recreational avenues like cable cars, jogging, and cycling tracks, boulevards, and piers.

The projected cost for this ambitious venture is estimated at 30 billion dirham (approximately 8.17 billion USD), with completion slated between 2025 and 2028.

Floating stages, akin to this concept, have seen application in other parts of the world, notably in Sydney's harbor and at Austria's Bregenz Festival situated on Lake Constance.

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