Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Welcomes Four New Musicians and Expands Sound for 2023-24 Season

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO), led by Nathalie Stutzmann, is currently in its 78th season. Recently, the orchestra made an announcement regarding the addition of four new musicians for the upcoming 2023-24 season, including two Principal positions.

Jesse McCandless has been appointed as the Principal Clarinet, while Ryan Little will assume the position of Principal Horn. Joining as Section Cellists are Nathan Mo and Isabel Kwon.

McCandless began performing with the ASO in April of this year, and Little will join the Orchestra in June. Mo and Kwon are scheduled to join the orchestra in September.

Jennifer Barlament, the Executive Director, expressed her enthusiasm about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's ability to attract exceptional musicians from around the world. She described this particular group of new musicians as exciting, emphasizing their role in shaping the orchestra's sound for the future. Barlament highlighted the rigorous selection process involving auditions conducted by a committee of Orchestra members and Music Director Nathalie Stutzmann, with the musicians being among the finest in the world. The ASO is delighted to have these talented musicians choose Atlanta as their musical home.

Additionally, the ASO has also hired two non-tenure track musicians for a one-year term. Jack Bryant will serve as the Third Horn, and Chance Gompert will join as the Bass Trombone player. Both musicians are set to join the orchestra in September.

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