Los Angeles Master Chorale to Present ‘Imagine a City’ with Van Nuys High School Students

By David Salazar
The 11th year of the Los Angeles Master Chorale’s Oratorio Project will culminate with a special performance on May 20, 2022 at the Van Nuys High School Auditorium.

The concert will feature 50 students from the High School performing “Imagine a City,” a work that they created.

The song cycle is comprised of seven songs including “Sactus (Holy City),” “Lealta (Brotherly Love),” “Moo Moo Meadows (Green City),” “Curse of the Wealthy (City of Palaces),” “Golden Lion (Lion City),” “Phoenix Rising (Phoenix City),” and “Chaos (Sin City).”

Following the lockdown, students were able to attend a retreat in the fall of 2021 where they got to meet one another and learn about the oratorio genre and song cycles. Under the mentorship of Master Chorale professional teaching artists Alice Kirwan Murray, Kelci Hahn, Brett Paesel, and Saunder Choi, the students worked together to create the work that they will present.

The Oratorio Project is supported by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation, The Rose Hills Foundation, Cheryl Petersen and Roger Lustberg, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors / Kathryn Barger, Walter and Holly Thomson Foundation, Carolyn L. Miller, William H. Hannon Foundation, John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation, Lon V. Smith Foundation, Employees Community Fund of Boeing California, and the Sidney Stern Memorial Trust.

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