Detroit Symphony Orchestra Issues Statement After Audience Member Hurls Racial Slur During Performance

By David Salazar
Editor Note: In a previous version of this article, it was reported that the event in question was a concert with the orchestra featuring pianist Yeol Eum Son and conductor Jonathan Heyward. However, OperaWire was contacted by the Detroit Symphony to clarify that this was not the event in question. A revised version of the story follows.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has issued a statement on social media regarding an incident following a performance on Friday, Dec. 9, 2022.

Per The Detroit News, an audience member interrupted the performance by shouting a racial slur. The event in question was a jazz concert by Cyrus Chesnut and Friends entitled “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“The DSO is deeply disappointed by an incident that took place towards the end of Friday night’s concert when an audience member shouted a racial slur. Racism and bigotry have no place in Orchestra Hall, and behavior like this is unacceptable. We are currently investigating and will enact a permanent ban once we identify the ticketholder,” the company said via social media. “Live music is a profoundly human experience that taps into our emotions and provides us all with a sacred space for listening. We apologize that this space was violated. We appreciate our audiences so much and hope to see you back at Orchestra Hall soon.”

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