Concorso Internazionale Voci Verdiane Città di Busseto Selects 106 Singers

By Francisco Salazar
The 58° Concorso Internazionale Voci Verdiane Città di Busseto has selected 106 candidates for the competition.

The competition, which is for artists between the ages of 18 and 35, will see contestants from 26 countries including Italy, Canada, USA, Mexico, Perù, Cuba, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Armenia, and Mongolia. The youngest singer selected this year is 23-years-old.

All 106 singers will be heard by the jury composed of Anna Maria Meo, Peter Heilker, Fulvio Macciardi, Natascha Ursuliak, Eline de Kat, Franziska Maria Kaiser, Gianni Tangucci, Cristiano Sandri, and Andrea Rinaldi.

The competition will give out three main prizes as well as special prizes. The competition is set for the Comune di Busseto in honor of Carlo Bergonzi. The competition will take place between June 21 and 26, 2022.

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